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Some pet-safety pointers when you are Planning backyard Fun & BBQ!!!

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Summer is here and for many of us, that means BBQ, picnics with friends, and other outdoor pet-odor-and-stain-remover activities. But these fun activities for humans can bring problems to our dogs, so before you plan your big backyard BBQ party, add these pet-safety pointers to your checklist.

The picnic/barbecue special treats/foods can be extremely dangerous for dogs. So, it is important to keep these little snouts away from summertime luxuries. Dogs can get a serious and sometimes fatal inflammation of the pancreas by eating greasy, spicy, fatty foods. Pancreatitis symptoms include abdomen pain, diarrhea, vomiting, and depression.

When your dog gets sick after summer fun, if accidently he had some of greasy food, the fluids from dog diarrhea can soak deeply into carpet fibers  and carpet padding. It's important to clean up the mess as quickly as possible to minimize the risk of a permanent stain. Your pet odor and stains eliminator product  also completely neutralize the stains and odor .

While you are taking precaution, please ask your guests, not to feed your dog food from their plate.

Leftover from previous day and garbage will also contain alcohol, styrofoam plates, pointy plastic utensils, and human food, you need to keep your dog away from trash bin make sure lid is close.

Also fire-starters and fuel anything you use to get the barbeque going such as matches, lighters and lighter fluid away from your pets. The chemical in matches and Lighter fluid is poisonous if ingested, inhaled or gets on their skin.

Also if you are going to any fireworks displays, don’t take your pet with you. Fireworks are considerably loud and scary for pets and can provoke unpredictable reactions.

And we all know that dog whose tail knocks over glasses, has the potential to get toasted along with the hamburger buns; Its recommend to either keep your dog away from the BBQ by putting them on a leash or you can keep your dog indoors just in case. If you won't be able to keep any eye on your dog throughout the event, keep them inside for safety.

Keep these insect repellants, insect oils away from your pet, all these things make pets sick if ingested or burn, harm your pet.

Pets are just like humans, can get sun burnt, which can lead to skin cancer. If your pet has light colored fur on the nose or ears they are more vulnerable to skin cancer due to the light skin. Pet sunscreens or zinc can be applied to their ears and nose if they do go outside.

Please don’t decorate your pets with glow jewelry. It contains toxins; your pet should not eat these toxic things.

We all love our furry loving kids. By taking little extra care we can enjoy fun in the sun, outdoor activities, and backyard BBQ party with these little buddies. 

Latest update: 05/06/2015
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