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How Sunshine Works

The pet urine, feces, vomit and other bodily fluids go through a natural chemical process, when they biodegrade. Enzymes contained in Sunshine speed up this biodegradation process. 

There are four types of chemical compounds present in odor causing fluids. They are protein, fat and grease, fiber and tissues (cellulose), and carbohydrates.

Sunshine contains four types of enzymes. They are protease for protein digestion, amylase for fat and grease digestion, cellulase for fiber and tissue digestion, and lipase for carbohydrate digestion. The enzymes are very specific in their functions. Protease digests only protein compounds and nothing else. Amylase works only on fat and grease and nothing else; and so on.

In addition to these four enzymes, Sunshine contains a large count (50 billion organisms per gallon) of safe and non-pathogenic bacteria. Bacteria are tiny, microscopic living organisms found in all types of organic life, the bacterial organisms are in our intestines to digest the food we eat. Once these safe bacteria come into contact with urine, feces and other odor causing substances, they produce more enzymes to digest and devour them. These bacteria also reproduce and reproduce very rapidly in a geometric progression. The bacteria secrete and produce required amounts of enzymes to break down and digest malodor compounds. Eventually, all the odor causing compounds are completely digested and transformed into harmless substances like carbon dioxide and water. In absence of any odor causing substances, the bacteria die off completely, leaving the surface stain free, safe and smelling fresh. Sunshine is completely safe for cat, dogs, children and even around food.

Sunshine is one of the most powerful and safest pet odor eliminator and stain remover in the market today.

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