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Sunshine combines cleaners, stain removers, grease cutters and enzyme producing non-pathogenic bacteria to digest and eliminate the toughest foul odors caused by dogs, cats, and skunks on carpets, upholstery and fabrics in living areas and around toilets, urinals, fixtures, and floors; sanitary drains, grease traps, and garbage disposals; bus, RV's, and airplane holding tanks; dumpsters, trash cans, and waste containers.

Sunshine harnesses the power of live bacteria - nature's assembly line of waste and odor removal. It can be used everywhere and wherever water can be used to remove organic stains and climate odors.

Sunshine is so strong and versatile in its usage that it can be used in pet areas, kennels, animal cages and pens, stairwells, elevators and runways, locker rooms, smoking areas, washrooms, kitchens, counter, health clubs, day care centers, nursing homes, hospitals, and hotel rooms.

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